Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Oh Yeah... Phenomenon

Alright, that was a weak/vague title, but perhaps the ends will justify the means or the means justify the begins or whatever.

But basically what I'm referring to when things seem way better in theory than they do in practicality. Most recently in my life is taking finance. 

Now, when I started thinking about taking this course and went to the first "syllabus and go" lecture, I decided that this course wasn't going to be so bad. I mean, it is interesting and very informative to know how financial markets work and how to best spend/save/use money. Well like in many things in life, the picture is considerably more messy when you try to sort it all out and write it down on paper. Once you start looking at annuities and at the scary look at inflation rates, it is not so hunky dory.

There are definitely other things like this too. 

Like biscuits in a can, it sounds intriguing, but we all know that is implausible and would never be marketed everywhere. Oh wait.

I apologize for that, it was a brief attempt at a few laughs but mostly is a salute to my grandfather. That is one of our favorite sayings, anytime we talk about technological things, we throw that in there, so I guess it just holds a special place in my heart.

But moral of the story, some things are better left on the drawing board. That being said stick your neck out and try something if you believe in it, just don't come back whining to me when you've let it become an obsession which now consumes your finances and life.


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